Cascadia Conservation District
Serving Chelan County

Celebrating 75 Years of Conservation!

Check out the interviews below from some of the people who were instrumental in getting Cascadia where we are today!

More content to come throughout 2023!

Peggy Entzel

Employed at Cascadia
from 1986-2020

Can you think of a project or program that feels like it changed the history, or future, of Chelan County?

During a water quality project DOE and NRCS discovered the soil survey were not working for farmers as expected in Chelan Basin.  We worked with NRCS to re map the soils in the basin, which improved the way producers were able to manage their crops, water, and nutrients well into the future.  One example is all the pumice in the soils from Glacier Peak volcanic deposits made for very unique water holding capacity in different areas in the basin.  Remapping the soils helped individual farmers better conserve water, and better understand where crops should be located in the basin.

Once we finalized the Entiat plan implementation started and it set in motion 30+ years of conservation implementation.

The best part was watching how interested the landowners in the Entiat Valley were in getting the work done in the plan.  It wasn’t just to check a box, people wanted to get the work done so that the resources were improved.  People really wanted to make sure farming remined sustainable in the valley, to bring fishing and healthy salmon populations back, etc. 

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Larry Cordes

Board of Supervisors member for 10 years

What was the district like when you started? Main focus of projects/programs/resource concerns, etc?

Primarily an administrator of state funded programs.  Watershed planning and fish habitat restoration work was just getting started.

What is one of the most impactful projects you remember during your time with the CD?  

The start of watershed planning.

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Jim Bartelme

Board of Supervisors member for over 10 years

Can you think of a project or program that feels like it changed the history, or future of Chelan County? 

That’s easy.  Kids in the Creek.  It was developed locally with numerous partners; it has received national recognition and it has been copied by others.  Best of all, kids love it and have been inspired.  Developing an early life appreciation of the importance of streams and value of water is game changing for our County.


Can you think of a story from your time at the CD you would like to tell folks? 

Being a Supervisor has been a feel good job and I would encourage you to join in.  The Staff at the District are hardworking and dedicated to serving the community.  The partners and folks who ask for assistance are some of the greatest folks I have met.  Overall Chelan County landowners are trying to make a positive difference and it’s impressive.  I truly enjoyed my time. 

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