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Check out Snowgrass Farm, our latest to become Salmon-Safe Certified.

Video Information on Salmon-Safe Certification

Cascadia is now providing free assistance to farmers in Chelan County to become Salmon-Safe certified. The Salmon-Safe certification recognizes farms that use water efficiently, practice integrated pest management, and protect stream habitat.

The Salmon-Safe ecolabel was created in the late 1990s to translate consumer concerns for salmon into support for farmers who do right by their natural   resources and fish. The certification benefits fish and farmers, and it helps protect surface water. Farms that meet the peer-reviewed standards have their products recognized on the market as certified Salmon-Safe. This makes their natural resource stewardship easily visible to customers, restaurants, and     grocery stores eager to support such efforts. Certified products can range from eggs to apples to hard-cider.

Locally, threatened and endangered bull trout, steelhead and Chinook salmon will benefit from the suite of environmental practices that Salmon-Safe farms are using to protect their habitat. Additionally, all residents benefit from clean surface water, which is used as a drinking water source in many areas.

If you are an interested consumer looking for the Salmon-Safe label on your product (wine, food, cider etc.) visit for a list of certified producers.

If you have a local farm, orchard, vineyard, or cider operation and are interested in the benefits of becoming Salmon-Safe certified, contact Elizabeth Jackson at 509-436-1601 or


Local Farms Protect Fish and Drinking Water

Local farmers are taking action to help keep surface waters clean for people and fish. Two area farms recently became Salmon-Safe Certified, meaning that their operations meet required conditions related to water quality, fertilization and pest management, biodiversity, irrigation efficiency, erosion control, and habitat conservation.  

Thank you to Diamondback Acres in Chelan and Hope Mountain Farm in Leavenworth for practicing environmentally sustainable agriculture!   

Diamondback Acres Inc. in Chelan, WA covers of 139 acres of cherries, blueberries, and apples. Their certifications include: Salmon-Safe, WSDA Organic, and Safe Quality Food. Best Management Practices installed on this farm include efficient irrigation systems and water management plan, noxious weed control, no high-hazard pesticide application, and erosion control management . 

Hope Mountain Farm LLC in Leavenworth, WA consists of 4 acres of mixed berries, vegetables, food processing, and an apiary. Their certifications include: Salmon-Safe, WSDA Organic, and Better Process Control School. Best Management Practices installed on this farm include no till, drip irrigation with timers, integrated pest management, crop rotation, mulching, and native pollinator protection. 

Other farmers, vineyards, or cideries interested in becoming Salmon-Safe certified or receiving cost-share funds to implement best management practices can contact for more information.