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Cost Share – Wildfire Preparedness and Recovery

Cost Share – Wildfire Preparedness and Recovery

fire burning in forest

Wildfire preparedness comes in a variety of ways depending on scale. What residents do at the home level matters and has the most impact on home survivability. How neighborhoods and communities work together helps leverage resources to amplify actions and create larger footprints of positive change.

As funding permits, we offer free fire-risk overviews to interested landowners. Cascadia staff will walk your property with you and give you suggestions for how to better prepare your home, structures, and property for wildfire.

Home Wildfire Preparedness Resources

Track Current Incidents

  • View the US Forest Service Wildfire Season Story Map here
  • Visit InciWeb to find information about active fires in your area

Evacuation Resources

  • Ready, Set, Go! Personal Action Guide here
  • Visit for more resources and information on evacuation

Smoke Preparedness Resources

Cascadia also offers technical assistance for landowners affected by wildfire. If you have concerns about your property post-wildfire, reach out to us by visiting our office, sending an email to [email protected], or calling the main office at (509) 436-1601.

For information and resources regarding post-wildfire recovery, visit Wildfire Recovery Resources.