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Mapping Out the Future of the Entiat

Mapping Out the Future of the Entiat


The Entiat Watershed Planning Unit completed and approved its Detailed Implementation Plan, or DIP, for WRIA 46 in February 2006.  Because watershed plans are required to address water quantity, associated DIPs must contain strategies, timelines, and interim milestones to measure progress towards providing sufficient water for: 

  • Production agriculture;
  • Commercial, industrial, and residential use; and
  • Instream flows [RCW 90.82.043 (2)]. 

Water quantity related timelines and interim milestones in the Entiat DIP address the planned future use of existing water rights for municipal water supply purposes that are inchoate, including how these rights will be used to meet the projected future needs identified in the watershed plan.  In addition to water resource management actions, the DIP identifies habitat and water quality implementation actions; includes strategies and timelines for achieving multiple resource goals; outlines how success will be measured; recommends monitoring strategies, and provides reasonable certainty regarding implementation.

The actions outlined in the DIP are based on recommendations contained in the Entiat WRIA 46 Management Plan and subsequent documents that were based on the core content and actions recommended in the WRIA 46 plan, e.g. the Entiat subbasin plan (NPCC 2004) and draft Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Plan (UCSRB 2005).  The Entiat Detailed Implementation Plan was developed through input from members of the Entiat WRIA Planning Unit and other interested stakeholders.

The Entiat WRIA 46 DIP and appendices are accessible for viewing and downloading via the links below.  Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view the files. To download a free copy visit the Adobe website.  Contact us if you have any questions or difficulties accessing the files.

"The purpose of the plan is to outline a framework for maintaining the health of the Entiat and Mad River watersheds through implementation of Entiat WRIA 46 Management Plan Recommendations."
- Detailed Implementation Plan, Entiat WRIA 46