Cascadia Conservation District

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Forest Conservation Planning

Forest Conservation Planning

view of trees in forest

By and large, a healthy forest hasn’t happened “naturally” for thousands of years in our region. Indigenous cultures tended the land meticulously with fire for millennia. Now, with the limited presence of periodic low intensity fires in the area, active management is needed to help steer our fire dependent forests to a healthy, resilient state.

Cascadia provides free, no obligation site visits to provide expert advice about a variety of natural resource concerns, including:

  • Wildfire Resilience     
  • Tree planting/thinning prescriptions
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Forest health

Depending on funding we can also work with landowners, large and small, to develop a specifically tailored Forest Stewardship Plan to help with the careful and responsible management of their forestland’s natural resources. Reach out to [email protected] or call the main office at (509) 436-1601.

Why have a Forest Stewardship Plan?

In addition to helping guide current and future management decisions on your forest, a Forest Stewardship Plan can help you qualify for financial assistance programs such as NRCS EQIP and CSP, as well as forestland property tax rates. A Forest Stewardship Plan also ensures that your vision for your property persists well into the future.

WSU Extension Forestry

WSU’s Extension Forestry program periodically offers Forest Stewardship Coached Planning courses for forest landowners interested in developing their own Forest Stewardship Plan. Visit their website here to check upcoming courses, or reach out to Eastern Washington Regional Extension Forester Andy Perleberg – [email protected] (509) 630-4217 for more details.

The Extension Forestry website also offers online learning modules and webinars on a wide range of forestry topics with courses specifically designed for forest landowners, a forestry consulting directory, as well as hosting the Washington chapter of Women Owning Woodlands.