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Home Hardening Incentive Program

Home Hardening Incentive Program

The Home Hardening Incentive Program is offered by the Cascadia Conservation District (CCD) to all residents with the purpose of better preparing homes and communities for wildfire. Home hardening reduces the risk of homes and structures igniting in the event of a wildfire. 


In order to receive an incentive payment, you must submit:

  • A signed Landowner Release Form (available after signing up)
  • Before and after photos of the practice you’ve chosen to implement
  • All receipts for materials purchased in order to complete your project
  • If you’ve hired a contractor, invoices or receipts detailing work performed for your project

All projects must be completed to the standards outlined in the Home Hardening Incentive Program Practice Specifications document. Partially completed projects will not be eligible for an incentive payment.

If you have any questions, CCD can offer advice on practice specifications and project implementation.

Eligible Practices & Incentive Payment 

Only practices listed within the Practice Specifications document are eligible for an incentive payment, at this time CCD cannot offer incentive payments for any other practices.

See our Practice Specifications Guide HERE for more details.

The maximum incentive payment for each application (limit 1 per household) is $600.

One practice must be chosen from the list below:

  • Caulking Gaps
  • Deck Footing Protection
  • Metal Flashing
  • Ember Resistant Perimeter
  • Screening Under Deck
  • Vent Replacement/Retrofit
  • Window Screening
  • Gutter Covers
  • Ignition Resistant Fencing

Incentive payments will be mailed as a check within a minimum of 30 days of CCD receiving your reporting documentation. Some projects may take longer than 30 days to be approved for payment. 

Completed projects will be evaluated for a maximum incentive payment amount based on the average prices of materials and equipment/tools. 

If you would like to change your selected practice after submitting your Landowner Release Form, you may do so by contacting CCD and requesting a new Form. Projects partially completed prior to changing your selected practice are not eligible for an incentive payment. 

Home Hardening Program FAQ sheet


*Applications will be approved on a rolling basis. First round of applicants will be reviewed by June 20th.
(next round will open July 1-17)